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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance is to contribute to the balanced development of the local economy by promoting free economic activities of micro enterprises and pursuing structural improvement and management stability.

Article 2 (Definition) The term “micro enterprise” in this Ordinance refers to micro enterprise as defined in the Framework Act On Micro Enterprises. <Amended on Jan. 07, 2016, Mar. 25, 2021>

Article 3 (Scope of Application) This Ordinance applies to small businesses with a place of business in Seoul Metropolitan City (hereinafter referred to as “city") that engage in business activities and are registered with the competent tax office under Article 168 of the Income Tax Act or Article 8 of the Value Added Tax Act. However, subparagraph 2 of Article 8 may be applied to prospective entrepreneurs who have not registered as a business.
Article 4
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>
Article 5
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>
Article 6
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>
Article 7
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>

Article 7-2 (Request for Data Submission) (1) The Mayor may, if necessary for the systematic support for small businesses and efficient policy establishment and execution, request the heads of central administrative agencies, heads of local governments, heads of public institutions to submit relevant data under Article 4 of the Act on the Management of Public Institutions, individuals, corporations or organizations.
(2) The Mayor may entrust the Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation, etc. with the request for data submission pursuant to paragraph 1.
(3) The data submitted pursuant to paragraph 1 shall not be shared with others or used for purposes other than the intended purpose.
(4) Matters concerning the protection of personal information included in the data submitted pursuant to paragraph 1 shall follow the Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on Protection of Personal Information.
[This Article Newly Inserted on Dec. 31, 2020]

Article 8 (Support for Management and Business Startup) The Mayor may implement the following projects to support small business and start-up management: <Amended on May 18, 2017, Dec. 30, 2021>
1. Credit guarantee support for small businesses;
2. Start-up support such as start-up counseling, consulting, education, and start-up loan support;
3. Support for management improvement, such as networking or collaborative projects, revitalization of densely populated areas;
4. Marketing support such as promotion, design or co-brand development, and sales promotion;
5. Consulting support necessary for improvement of funds, manpower, technology, sales channels, and location;
6. Support for small business owners who want to change or close their business;
7. Support for modernization of commerce, such as e-commerce for small businesses and the introduction of payment systems using smart devices;
7-2. Prevention and relief of damages to small businesses caused by e-commerce;
8. Other businesses recognized by the Mayor as necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of small business owners.

Article 9 (Small Enterprise Management Support Center) (1) The Mayor may establish the Seoul Small Business Management Support Center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") to efficiently and systematically carry out small business support projects under each subparagraph of Article 8.
(2) The center shall perform the following functions:
1. Support for management and start-ups for small businesses under each subparagraph of Article 8;
2. Discovery and diffusion of specialized business start-up models for each industry;
3. Operation of professional consulting groups for each type of self-employment;
4. Provision of statistical information such as current status by industry to prevent profit reduction due to dispersion and competition in overcrowded industries;
5. Other projects necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of small businesses and revitalize local businesses.
(3) The Mayor may support expenses necessary for the establishment and operation of the center within budgetary limits.
Article 10
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>

Article 10-2 (Support for Mutual Aid Business for Small Businesses) The Mayor may provide subsidies within budgetary limits to mutual aid projects for small and medium-sized enterprises established by Framework Act On Small and Medium Enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperatives Act, small business-related organizations, or government-affiliated organizations.
[This Article Newly Inserted on Jan. 7, 2016]

Article 10-3 (Employment Insurance Premium Support for Small Businesses) (1) The Mayor may subsidize part of the employment insurance premium within budgetary limits for small business owners who subscribe to employment insurance pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 49-2 of the Act on the Collection of Insurance Premiums for Employment Insurance and Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance. <Amended on May 16, 2019.>
(2) A person who intends to apply for the small business employment insurance premium support project pursuant to paragraph 1 shall submit an application for support in [Attached Form] and a consent form for the collection and use of personal information and provision to a third party to the Mayor. However, if the applicant does not agree to the joint use of administrative information pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 36 of the Electronic Government Act, the following documents shall be additionally submitted to the Mayor:<This Paragraph Newly Inserted on May 16, 2019.>
1. One copy of Business Registration Certificate;
2. One copy of Health Insurance Qualification Certificate;
3. One copy of deposit account confirmation information (copy of bankbook).
[This Article Newly Inserted on Oct. 4, 2018]
Article 10-4
Deleted <Mar. 25, 2021>

Article 11 (Entrustment of Affairs) (1) Affairs related to Articles 8 and 9 may be entrusted to affiliated organizations or private institutions/organizations with expertise in project promotion.
(2) The provisions of Article 7 through Article 13 and Article 15 through Article 19 of Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on the Administrative Work to the Private Sector shall apply mutatis mutandis to matters concerning procedures and methods necessary for the entrustment of affairs under paragraph 1.

Article 12 (Enforcement Rule) Matters necessary for enforcing this Ordinance shall be prescribed by rule of the Seoul Government.
<Amended on Mar. 25, 2021>

ADDENDUM <Ordinance No. 8626, Mar. 27, 2023>
This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.

- Form 1 (Application for Employment Insurance Premium Support for Small Businesses, etc.)