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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Rule is to stipulate matters necessary for the implementation of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Framework Ordinance on Citizen Participation.

Article 2 (Responsible Department) If a request for debate, public hearing, briefing, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "a debate, etc.") regarding corrective policies under Article 9 of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Framework Ordinance on Citizen Participation (hereinafter referred to as the "ordinance") is received, the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City (hereinafter referred to as the "Mayor") shall establish a managing department and a supervising department to handle this request, and the functions of each department are as follows:
1. Managing Department: The New Media Officer shall be the managing department, and the managing department shall oversee tasks such as receiving requests for matters such as a debate, etc., designating the supervising department, and establishing a master plan;
2. Supervising Department: In accordance with Seoul Metropolitan Government Enforcement Rule of the Ordinance on the Establishment of Administrative Organizations, the department in charge of relevant affairs, such as a debate, etc., shall be the supervising department, and the supervising department shall perform related tasks such as reviewing the claimant's joint signature book, establishing a plan for a debate, etc., holding a debate, etc., and announcing the results of these tasks. The department shall also notify the managing department of the results of holding such a debate, etc.

Article 3 (Representatives of Claimants) (1) The representative of claimants under Article 9 (2) and Article 9 (3) of the Ordinance shall be selected from among those who have jointly signed the joint signature book of the claim, such as a debate, etc. in attached Form 1.
(2) One person or several persons may be selected as the representative of claimants under paragraph 1, and if there are several representatives of claimants, one of them may request a debate, etc. as their representative.

Article 4 (Method of Claim) A person who wishes to request a debate, etc. under Article 9 of the Ordinance for Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the “city”) policies or projects shall fill out a request for a debate, etc. in attached Form 1 and submit it to the Mayor in the name of the representative of claimants.

Article 5 (Holding of Debate, etc.) (1) The Mayor shall set the holding date and venue within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request for a debate, etc., and notify the representative of claimants. However, if there is a special reason, it may be postponed only once within 15 days after consulting with the representative of claimants.
(2) The supervising department and the representative of claimants may discuss matters related to the debate, such as debaters, scope of attendance, and date, time, and place of discussion.

Article 6 (Investigation of Citizen Opinion, etc.) (1) The Mayor may conduct a citizen opinion survey pursuant to Article 10 of the Ordinance in any of the following cases, and gender classification shall be included in the survey:
1. When a new policy is implemented or an existing policy is changed or abolished, the interests of the majority of citizens are in conflict;
2. It is necessary to listen to citizens' opinions when dealing with civil complaints related to city policies or long-term unresolved civil complaints;
3. Other cases deemed necessary by the Mayor.
(2) The citizen opinion survey under paragraph 1 may be conducted in writing or via the Internet, such as the city's website, and, if necessary, the survey may be conducted using a professional polling agency.
(3) The scope of the survey shall be more than 10% of the citizens subject to the collection of opinions, such as regions and industries. If there are many subjects to be surveyed, a sample survey may be conducted.
(4) In case of conducting a citizen opinion survey, the purpose, period, scope, method, etc. of the survey shall be announced 30 days prior to the date of commencement of the survey.

Article 7 (Submission of Citizen Proposal) (1) Citizens can submit citizen proposals at any time of the year. However, in the case of a public offering, the designated task shall be submitted within the specified period.
(2) Citizens who wish to submit citizen proposals may enter matters concerning the current status, problems, improvement measures, expected effects, etc. of city policies or administrative systems and their operation into the online proposal processing system or fill out attached Form 2 and submit it to the Mayor in person or by mail or fax. The Mayor shall also make accomodations to make proposal submission more accessible for persons with disabilities.
(3) Citizens may submit citizen proposals individually or jointly. When jointly submitted by citizens, the person with the greatest contribution shall be marked as the "main proposer" and the other participants as "sub-proposers." However, if there are two or more co-proposers and their contributions are the same, one main proposer shall be determined by agreement between the proposers.

Article 8 (Receipt of Citizen Proposal) (1) If a citizen's proposal received pursuant to Article 12 of the Ordinance falls under any of the following subparagraphs, a request for supplementation may be made to the proposer by specifying the reason in detail and setting an appropriate period within 7 days from the date of receipt. In this case, the period required for supplementation shall not be included in the period under Article 9.
1. There are flaws in the citizen proposal that can be supplemented.
2. The citizen proposal falls under any of the items of Article 2 (5) of the Ordinance.
3. The citizen proposal falls under Article 2 (1) of the Civil Petitions Treatment Act.
(2) Among the citizen proposals received by the Mayor, if there are proposals with similar content, priority is given to the proposal received first in the selection of the best proposal in accordance with Article 13 of the Ordinance.
(3) If the proposer does not supplement the content of the proposal within the period specified in the former part other than each subparagraph of paragraph (1), the Mayor may clarify the reason and terminate the citizen proposal received. In this case, if the citizen proposal falls under Subparagraph 3 or paragraph (1), it may be received as a civil petition and processed according to the civil petition handling procedure.
(4) If the submitted citizen proposal falls under the jurisdiction of another administrative agency, the Mayor shall specify the reason for the transfer, transfer it to the competent administrative agency without delay, and inform the proposer of this fact.
(5) If the proposer repeatedly submits citizen proposals with the same content three or more times without a justifiable reason, the Mayor may notify the propser of the result two or more times and may terminate such citizen proposals received thereafter.

Article 9 (Review of Citizen Proposal, etc.) The Mayor shall review the proposal within one month from the date of receipt of the citizens proposal (in the case of public offering, the date when the public offering period ends) and notify the proposer of the result if it meets the disclosure criteria. In this case, the review result can be announced online, through a method such as the online proposal acceptance processing system.

Article 10 (Establishment of Master Plan for Citizen Participation) The Mayor shall establish a master plan for citizen participation in Seoul according to Article 16 of the Ordinance by reflecting the citizen participation plan for each project of the supervising department.

Article 11 (Establishment of Implementation Plan by Year) (1) The Mayor may listen to the opinions of members of the Citizen Participation Committee and related experts to establish an annual implementation plan (hereinafter referred to as "implementation plan") under Article 17 of the Ordinance.
(2) The supervising department shall prepare the implementation plan for the year and the performance of the previous year and submit them to the managing department by January 31 of each year.

ADDENDA <Ordinance No. 4544, Apr. 13, 2023>
Article 1 (Enforcement Date)
This Rule shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.
Article 2 (Abolition of Other Rules)
Seoul Metropolitan Government Enforcement Rule of the Framework Ordinance on Citizen Democracy shall be abolished.

- Form 1-1 (Written Request for Panel Discussions, etc.(in accordance with Article 4))

- Form 2 (Citizen Proposal Form)