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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance is to prevent damage to human life and property caused by house fires by prescribing matters delegated under Article 8 of the Installation, Maintenance, and Safety Control of Fire-Fighting Systems Act and matters necessary for the enforcement thereof.

Article 2 (Responsibility of Promoting House Fire Prevention Policy, etc.) (1) The Mayor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Mayor") shall prepare and promote necessary policy in order to prevent house fires and promote autonomous safety control by citizens.
(2) The Mayor shall endeavor to develop programs necessary for implementing the policy under paragraph (1) and to secure budget necessary for providing financial support therefor.

Article 3 (Houses subject to Preferential Installation of Residential Fire-Fighting Systems) (1) Where fire-fighting systems are to be installed in houses in accordance with the policy under Article 2, priority may be given to the following houses:
1. A house where an old person under the Welfare of the Aged Act lives alone;
2. A house where a disabled or physically handicapped person under the Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities lives;
3. A house of a juvenile-headed family or single parent family;
4. A house where a recipient of basic living under the National Basic Living Security Act lives;
5. A house the preferential installation of a fire-fighting system in which is deemed necessary by the Mayor.
(2) The Mayor may use budget to subsidize expenses incurred in a project for installing house fire-fighting systems under paragraph (1).

Article 4 (Confirmation of Installation of Fire-Fighting Systems for New Construction, Reconstruction, etc. of Houses) Where the Mayor or the head of a Gu accepts permission for or a report on the new construction, extension, reconstruction, rebuilding, transfer or major repair of a house referred to in any subparagraph of Article 8 (1) of the Installation, Maintenance, and Safety Control of Fire-Fighting Systems Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"), he/she shall provide guidance and information on whether to install a fire-fighting system suitable for the size and shape of such house.

Article 5 (Types of and Standards for Residential Fire-Fighting Systems) Fire-fighting systems installed in houses shall satisfy the following standards:
1. At least one fire extinguisher shall be installed which has the competency unit of 2 or higher and is adaptable to each household and floor;
2. At least one stand-alone fire alarm detector shall be installed in each divided room. In such cases, the term "divided room" means a space created by dividing a space within a house usable by residents, such as a bedroom, living room and kitchen, by walls, partitions, etc.: Provided, That in cases where no space divided by a wall, partition, etc. exists, the entire inner space shall be deemed one divided space.

Article 6 (Installation Method of Residential Fire-Fighting Systems) With respect to other matters necessary for the installation of fire-fighting systems, the fire safety standards determined and announced by the Administrator of the National Emergency Management Agency pursuant to Article 9 of the Act shall apply.