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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide for necessary matters concerning the nurturing of and support for farming leaders who are to take an initiating role for the agricultural advancement of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Article 2 (Definitions) The terms used in this Ordinance shall be defined as follows:
1. “Farming leaders” means farmers residing in Seoul Metropolitan City who are selected by the head of the Seoul Agriculture Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as the “center”) for their contributions to the growth of farm income and the development of local communities by practicing scientific farming and by cultivating and guiding learning organizations for farmers.
2. "Model farming” means farming operations conducted by adopting new kinds of crops and technologies for the growth of farm income.

Article 3 (Projects for Nurturing Farming Leaders) (1) The Mayor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the “Mayor”) shall carry forward each of the following in order to nurture and support farming leaders: <Amended by Ordinance No. 4558, Oct. 1, 2007>
1. Projects for loaning model farming funds (hereinafter referred to as “funds”);
2. Overseas training projects for the acquisition of advanced farming technologies;
3. Other projects prescribed by Enforcement Rule for the nurturing of farming leaders.

Article 4 (Eligibility for Fund Loans) The eligibility for a fund loan shall include farmers in whose case no less than two years has passed since they were selected as a farming leader and who intend to practice model farming.

Article 5 (Public Announcement of Fund Loan Plans) The Mayor shall develop a fund loan plan every year and publicly announce it on the bulletin board of the center, etc.

Article 6 (Application for Loans, etc.) (1) Any person who wishes to receive a loan shall apply for a loan to the Mayor in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Enforcement Rule.
(2) Matters related to loan limits, loan conditions, etc. shall be prescribed by Enforcement Rule.

Article 7 (Loan Screening Committee) (1) The center shall have a committee for loan screening (hereinafter referred to as the “committee”) to review the eligibility for a loan, the appropriateness of the amount of a loan, etc.
(2) The committee shall be comprised of not more than 13 members including one chairperson. The head of the center shall serve as a chairperson of the committee, and its members shall be commissioned or appointed by the Mayor from among those falling under any of the following: <Amended by Ordinance No. 4558, Oct. 1, 2007; Ordinance No. 4616, Apr.3, 2008; Ordinance No. 5137, Jul. 28, 2011; Ordinance No. 5208, Dec. 29, 2011; Ordinance No. 5767, Dec. 11, 2014 >
1. Officer of Grade V in charge of agricultural administration belonging to the Department of Livelihood and Economy of Economic Planning Headquarters;
2. Deleted; <by Ordinance No. 4558, Oct. 1, 2007>
3. President of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Association of Korea Rural Leaders;
4. Presidents of local agricultural cooperatives;
5. Head of the department in charge of agricultural administration of an autonomous Gu having the jurisdiction over farming areas.
(3) The meetings of the committee shall include regular meetings which shall be held in March every year and special meetings which shall be called when it is recognized as necessary by a chairperson.
(4) Two-thirds of the members shall constitute a quorum, and any decision thereof shall require the concurring vote of a majority of those present.
(5) Allowances may be paid to members who attend a meeting within limits of budget: Provided, That this shall not apply when a public official attends a meeting in direct connection with his/her duties.

Article 8 (Notification of Determination of Persons Eligible for Loans) The Mayor shall determine persons eligible for loans through the examination by the committee, and when the persons eligible for loans are determined, he/she shall notify it to loan applicants and to those entrusted with duties related to the loaning under Article 9 (hereinafter referred to as “entrusted institution”).

Article 9 (Entrustment of Duties) The Mayor may entrust parts of the duties related to the loaning of funds to agricultural cooperatives prescribed in the Agricultural Cooperatives Act.

Article 10 (Delegation of Duties) The Mayor shall delegate the duties specified in the following to the head of the center:
1. Implementation of a project plan for nurturing farming leaders under Article 3;
2. Development and public notification of a fund loan plan under Article 5;
3. Receipt of applications for loans under Article 6;
4. Commissioning or appointment of a member of the loan screening committee under Article 7;
5. Notification of the determination of persons eligible for loans under Article 8;
6. Entrustment of duties related to the loaning of funds under Article 9.

Article 11 (Enforcement Rules) Necessary matters concerning the enforcement of this Ordinance shall be prescribed by municipal rule.