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CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance is to prescribe matters for deliberation on and distribution of publicity and media materials and publications produced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, thereby enhancing the public character of the contents publicized.

Article 2 (Definitions) The definitions of terms used in this Ordinance shall be as follows:
1. The term "publicity and media material" means any publication, media material, TV advertisement, newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, publicity booklet, pamphlet, CD, sticker, poster, etc. produced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Metropolitan Government") and administrative agencies under its jurisdiction (hereinafter referred to as "publishing department") in order to convey particular matters to the public or publicize them internally and externally;
2. The term "publication" means a periodical of a publishing department, a publication on the history of Seoul Metropolitan City, a book, etc., among publicity materials referred to in subparagraph 1.

CHAPTER II COMMITTEE FOR DELIBERATION ON PUBLICITY AND MEDIA MATERIALS AND PUBLICATIONS Article 3 (Establishment and Composition) (1) A Committee for Deliberation on Publicity and Media Materials and Publications of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") shall be established to deliberate on matters concerning the production and publishing of publicity and media materials and publications defined in Article 2.
(2) The Committee shall be comprised of not exceeding seven members, including a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson, commissioned by the Mayor on the following recommendations: <Amended by Ordinance No. 5137, Jul. 28, 2011>
1. Four persons, including a relevant director or experts in the relevant field, recommended by a director general-level public official in charge of public relations;
2. One member of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, recommended by the Chairperson of the competent standing committee under the Seoul Metropolitan Council;
3. The director general of the Public Relations Office and the director of the Seoul City Reference Center shall serve as ex officio members;
4. Commissioned members shall serve a two-year term, while any member filling a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of his/her predecessor's term of office.
(3) The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Mayor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Mayor") from among members of the Committee, and the Vice Chairperson shall be elected from among members of the Committee.
(4) Representing the Committee, the Chairperson shall convene and preside over meetings of the Committee, and where the Chairperson is unable to fulfill any of his/her duties, the Vice Chairperson shall act on his/her behalf.
(5) The Committee shall organize the following subcommittees as suited to the professional nature of deliberations, and matters concerning the composition and operation of the subcommittees shall be prescribed by municipal rules:
1. The media materials deliberation subcommittee;
2. The design deliberation subcommittee.

Article 4 (Functions) The Committee shall deliberate on the following:
1. Whether a variety of publicity and media materials and publications produced by publishing departments need to be made;
2. Matters concerning integration and adjustment of similar or redundant publicity and media materials and publications produced;
3. Whether images, booklets, CDs, records, TV advertisements, etc. produced for the purpose of public relations hinder the public nature;
4. Matters concerning selling prices of publications, the number of copies published, production contents, the method of distribution, etc.;
5. Decisions on which materials and publications shall undergo deliberation by the media materials deliberation subcommittee and the design deliberation subcommittee referred to in Article 3 (5).

Article 5 (Obligations to Undergo Prior Deliberation, etc.) (1) Where a publishing department produces publicity and media materials or produces or issues publications, such materials or publications shall undergo prior deliberation by the Committee.
(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), none of the following publicity and media materials and publications shall undergo deliberation:
1. Confidential documents published in accordance with the security operational rule;
2. Official documents, administrative materials, and business manuals prescribed by the Regulations Governing Efficient Management of Administrative Affairs;
3. Publications, the issuance of which is prescribed by statutes;
4. Other publicity and media materials and publications designated by the Committee.
(3) Periodicals regularly published each month shall undergo deliberation once a year.

Article 6 (Exemption from Deliberation) (1) The Chairperson may omit deliberation on any publicity and media material and publication, if the deliberation thereon is deemed impracticable due to the urgency of issuance and production, or for other reasons.
(2) The publicity and media materials and publications which have been exempted from deliberation pursuant to paragraph (1) shall be deemed to have undergone deliberation under Article 5 (1): Provided, That with respect to the publicity and media materials and publications which have been exempted from deliberation, the secretary shall submit related materials and report thereon to members of the Committee including the Chairperson at the following meetings of the Committee.

CHAPTER III OPENING AND OPERATION OF MEETINGS Article 7 (Meetings) (1) A meeting shall be convened when the Chairperson deems necessary, taking into account agenda items for deliberation, etc.
(2) A majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, and any decision thereof shall require the concurring vote of at least a majority of those present.

Article 8 (Secretary and Clerk) (1) The Committee shall have one secretary and one clerk to attend to its affairs.
(2) The director general of the Public Communications Office shall serve as the secretary and the assistant official in charge shall serve as the clerk.
(3) The secretary shall attend to affairs according to instructions by the Chairperson and may express his/her opinions at meetings, and the clerk shall assist the secretary.

Article 9 (Hearing Opinions, etc.) (1) If deemed necessary for deliberation, the Committee may have relevant experts, citizens, interested parties, etc. attend meetings of the Committee to hear their opinions.
(2) The Committee may require the relevant department to submit materials necessary for deliberation or have relevant pubic officials attend meetings and state their opinions, and upon receipt of a request for submission of materials or statement of opinions, the relevant public officials shall comply with such request.

Article 10 (Allowances, etc.) Actual expenses, such as travel expenses, may be reimbursed, and allowances provided, within budgetary limits, to members who have attended a meeting of the Committee and relevant experts, citizens, etc. who have stated their opinions under Article 9: Provided, That the same shall not apply where a public official attends a meeting in direct connection with any of his/her duties.

CHAPTER IV SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF PUBLICATIONS Article 11 (Selling Prices) The Committee shall determine selling prices, based upon a variety of expenses, etc. incurred in producing the relevant publications: Provided, That such prices may be adjusted if necessary to increase distribution of the relevant publications.

Article 12 (Sales Method) (1) Publications, sale and distribution of which is determined, may be sold either by direct marketing (including online sale) or by consignment sale by a designated seller.
(2) The Mayor may designate a publication distributor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as "distributor") that distributes, sells, exhibits, and publicizes publications on behalf of the Metropolitan Government in order to facilitate distributing publications.
(3) Both a seller and a distributor shall receive direction and supervision by the Mayor with respect to selling and distributing publications.
(4) Where sale and distribution of publications is consigned to a seller, the rates of sales commission shall be determined by the Committee within the scope not exceeding 40/100 of the selling prices.

ADDENDA <Ordinance No. 4761, Apr. 22, 2009>
Article 1 (Enforcement Date)
This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.
Article 2 Omitted.
ADDENDA <Ordinance No. 5137, Jul. 28, 2011>
Article 1 (Enforcement Date)
This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.
Article 2 Omitted.