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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance shall be to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy through the improvement of business competitiveness by selecting and supporting hidden champions in Seoul Metropolitan City and facilitating outstanding young talents to find jobs in small and medium enterprises. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>

Article 2 (Definitions) The term "hidden champions" in this Ordinance refers to small and medium enterprises selected by the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City (hereinafter referred to as the "Mayor") based on their excellence in the creation of jobs for young talents, organizational culture well balanced between work and life, employment stability, welfare benefit, etc.

Article 3 (Relation with Other Statutes, etc.) Except in cases specifically prescribed by the relevant laws and regulation, other ordinances, etc. concerning the selection and support for hidden champions, what is prescribed by this Ordinance shall be followed. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>

Article 4 (Duties) The Mayor shall enforce the policies for the selection and support of hidden champions.

Article 5 (Comprehensive Support Plan, etc.) (1) The Mayor shall systematically formulate and enforce a comprehensive support plan every 3 years to support job creation by hidden champions. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
(2) The Mayor shall formulate and enforce an implementation plan every year in accordance with the comprehensive support plan. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
(3) The Mayor shall evaluate the results, performance, etc. of the comprehensive support plan and the implementation plan and then reflect on them in formulating subsequent plans. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
[Title Amended on Mar. 10, 2022]

Article 6 (Selection of Hidden Champions) (1) The Mayor shall select, through fair a process and evaluation, hidden champions based on the creation of jobs for young talents, business excellence, employment stability, etc. from small and medium enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Enterprises") whose places of business are located in Seoul Metropolitan City (hereinafter referred to as the "City").
(2) The Mayor shall publicly notify criteria, method of selection and details of support, etc. in the City gazette or on the City website for a period of 20 days or more.
(3) Details of criteria and the selection procedure of hidden champions shall be prescribed separately.

Article 7 (Establishment of Hidden Champions Support Committee) The Mayor shall establish the Hidden Champions Support Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") to select and deliberate on the Hidden Champions.

Article 8 (Organization of the Committee) (1) The Committee shall comprise about 30 members, including 1 chairperson.
(2) The chairperson shall be elected by mutual vote among members.
(3) Members shall be commissioned by the Mayor among persons from the related institutions, academia, etc. with rich knowledge and experience in small and medium enterprises.
(4) A Committee meeting is started when a majority of registered members are present and resolves by a majority vote from the members present.

Article 9 (Functions of the Committee) The Committee shall deliberate the following: <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
1. Matters concerning the selection of Hidden Champions and the cancellation of such selection;
2. Matters concerning the formulation and evaluation of comprehensive support and implementation plans under Article 5; or
3. Other matters recognized as necessary to nurture Hidden Champions by the Mayor or chairperson.

Article 10 (Hearing of Opinions, etc.) The Committee may request representatives, public officials, or experts of related institutions and organizations to participate, hear their opinions, or ask to cooperate.

Article 11 (Allowances) Allowances and travel expenses may be provided for members present in a Committee meeting within the scope of budgets in accordance with Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on the Provision of Allowances and Travel Expenses to Committees.

Article 12 (Support for Hidden Champions) The Mayor may provide the following support for Hidden Champions within the scope of budgets: <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
1. Support for improvement of work environments;
2. Matters concerning the creation of corporate culture where work and life are well balanced;
3. Support for improvement of corporate culture to create a horizontal and gender-equal culture;
4. Support for the employment of personnel substituting employees on maternity leave and their return-to-work;
5. Provision of customized employment information and promotion of Hidden Champions' brands;
6. Issuance of the Hidden Champion certificate;
7. Selection and support for outstanding corporations improving the employment environment; or
8. Other matters that the Mayor recognizes as necessary.

Article 13 (Term of Validity of Hidden Champion Certification) A Hidden Champion certificate shall be valid for 2 years from the date on which the certificate is issued; Provided, That corporations may be re-certified after reevaluation following their request to be re-certified before or after the term of certification expiration. <Amended on Mar. 10, 2022>
[Moved from Article 14; previous Article 13 deleted <Mar. 10, 2022>]

Article 14 (Revocation of Selection of Hidden Champions) (1) Where the Hidden Champion falls under any of the following subparagraphs under Article 6, the Mayor may revoke the selection of the Hidden Champion:
1. Where the Hidden Champion is selected in improper ways, such as falsity, etc.;
2. Where the Hidden Champion is not well managed, such as bankruptcy, cessation of business, involuntary de-listing, tax delinquency, etc., or where the Hidden Champion moves its seat to another city or province;
3. Where the Hidden Champion infringes rights and interests of its employees in violation of labor-related laws and regulations or other laws and regulations, such as embezzlement, breach of trust, etc. by the CEO and major shareholders, unfair trade, tax evasion, etc., designation as poor place of business in terms of the prevention and management of industrial accidents, listing as a business delaying in payment of wages, etc.; or
4. Where it is recognized that it is not suitable to be a Hidden Champion as it arouses social scandal.
(2) Where the selection of a Hidden Champion is revoked under paragraph (1) above, the outstanding corporation improving employment environment certification under Article 13 shall also be revoked.
[Moved from Article 15; previous Article 14 moved to Article 13 <Mar. 10, 2022>]

Article 15 (Instruction, Inspection, etc.) The Mayor may request the Hidden Champion to submit materials for support under Articles 12 and 13 and provide instruction, inspection, etc., if necessary.
[Moved from Article 16; previous Article 15 moved to Article 14 <Mar. 10, 2022>]

Article 16 (Building of Cooperation System) The Mayor shall build a cooperation system with the relevant institution, organization, etc. in order to efficiently promote the selection, support, evaluation, follow-up management, etc. of the Hidden Champion.
[Moved from Article 17; previous Article 16 moved to Article 15 <Mar. 10, 2022>]

Article 17 (Enforcement Rules) Matters required to enforce this Ordinance shall be prescribed as rules.
[Moved from Article 18; previous Article 17 moved to Article 16 <Mar. 10, 2022>]