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Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide for fundamental matters necessary for basic policy directions and the promotion system thereof for the realization of Seoul as a people-oriented cultural city, thereby raising the quality of life of citizens and enhancing international competitiveness of Seoul.

Article 2 (Basic Ideas) The basic ideas of this Ordinance are to create urban environment which enables citizens to display their voluntary and creative cultural ability and to enjoy an elegant cultural lifestyle and realize happiness.

Article 3 (Definitions) (1) The term "cultural city" in this Ordinance means a city where citizens may feel a sense of cultural identity in their daily lives based on the realization of the following matters:
1. The realization of culture and art in which life becomes culture;
2. The creation of people-oriented comfortable urban space;
3. The realization of cultural welfare which ensures the minimum enjoyment of culture;
4. The promotion of cultural industries based on knowledge and originality;
5. The establishment of citizens' culture living together.
(2) The definitions of other terms used in this Ordinance shall be as prescribed by culture-related Acts and subordinate statues.

Article 4 (Relationship with Other Laws and Regulations) Except for those specially prescribed by other Acts and subordinate statutes and Municipal Ordinances and Rules of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Metropolitan Government"), this Ordinance shall apply to the promotion of policies for the realization of a cultural city (hereinafter referred to as "policies for cultural city").

Article 5 (Duties of Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government) (1) The Mayor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "Mayor") shall formulate and execute policies concerning the promotion of culture and art to enhance the accessibility of citizens to culture and art, and balance them by region and by field of culture and art.
(2) The Mayor shall develop the cultural identity of Seoul in which traditions and modernities are in harmony, and actively endeavor to vitalize regional or international cultural exchange.

Article 6 (Roles of Citizens) Citizens shall take active part in policies of the Metropolitan Government to develop, expand and establish a sound civic culture living together.

CHAPTER Ⅱ BASIC POLICY DIRECTIONS FOR CULTURAL CITY Article 7 (Fostering, etc. of Culture and Art) (1) The Mayor shall endeavor to create cultural facilities and conditions to foster cultural and artistic activities of artists and support such activities.
(2) The Mayor shall formulate plans to vitalize citizens' participation for the efficient creation, development and operation of cultural facilities and programs.

Article 8 (Creation of Cultural Urban Environment) (1) The Mayor shall endeavor to create an artistic and aesthetic urban landscape, and preserve and restore historic cultural assets in Seoul.
(2) The Mayor shall endeavor to make the best of regional and cultural characteristics in performing urban development, such as urban planning and construction, and to create and preserve an eco-friendly comfortable city and residential environment.

Article 9 (Promotion of Cultural Welfare) The Mayor shall formulate policies to guarantee opportunities that all citizens may enjoy culture in everyday life without burdens and take part in cultural activities as the subject thereof.

Article 10 (Promotion of Cultural Industries) The Mayor shall formulate and execute policies to expand relevant facilities and to support technology, human resources, business start-ups, distribution, etc. for the promotion of cultural industries based on knowledge and originality.

Article 11 (Establishment of Citizens' Culture) (1) The Mayor shall endeavor to ensure that a sound civic culture may take root by supporting healthy cultural activities of citizens.
(2) The Mayor may run various cultural education programs to expand opportunities for citizens to receive a cultural education and may support related industries to promote the same.
(3) The Mayor shall endeavor to ensure that education related to culture may be included in school curricula.

CHAPTER Ⅲ PROMOTION SYSTEM OF POLICIES FOR CULTURAL CITY Article 12 (Formulation and Execution of Cultural City Development Plans) (1) The Mayor shall formulate and execute a comprehensive and systematic plan for the realization of a cultural city according to the basic policy directions for cultural city under Articles 7 through 11.
(2) The Mayor may advise the head of an autonomous Gu to reflect a cultural city development plan under paragraph (1) in various business plans of the autonomous Gu, and may support the related business.

Article 13 (Collection of Citizens' Opinions) When the Mayor formulates a cultural city development plan under Article 12, he/she shall collect, in advance, opinions of ordinary citizens, agencies and organizations related to culture, etc.

Article 14 (Establishment of Seoul Culture Forum) (1) The Mayor shall establish the Seoul Culture Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Forum") to promote policies for cultural city by building a collaboration system with private citizens.
(2) The Forum shall be a non-profit incorporated association under the Civil Act.
(3) Members of the Forum shall be comprised of private experts related to culture and ordinary citizens.
(4) The Forum shall perform the following projects for the realization of a cultural city:
1. Research and development of policies;
2. Assessment on plans related to a cultural city of the Metropolitan Government and proposals therefor;
3. Formation of consensus of the citizens and publicity for the same, such as the publication, proliferation, etc. of materials;
4. Holding seminars and panel discussions for the development of policies;
5. Other projects deemed necessary for the realization of a cultural city.
(5) Other necessary matters concerning the formation, operation, etc. of the Forum shall be prescribed by the articles of association of the Forum.

Article 15 (Support to Forum) The Mayor may subsidize expenses incurred in the operation of the Forum and the promotion of projects within budgetary limits.

Article 18 (Detailed Rule of Operation) Except as otherwise provided for by this Ordinance, matters necessary for the operation of the Advisory Committee shall be determined by the chairperson after resolution by the Advisory Committee.

This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.